May 20, 2015

IBON Foundation is a non-stock non-profit development organization. We have been serving the Filipino people through research and education since 1978.

IBON seeks to promote an understanding of socioeconomics that serves the interests and aspirations of the Filipino people. We study the most urgent social, economic and political issues confronting Philippine society and the world.

We explain issues in a popular and understandable manner. We provide information and education services especially to people’s organizations. We publish and distribute progressive materials and have an increasing presence in the formal education sector through textbooks, journals and seminars.

We build or participate in Philippine and international networks of civil society organizations, NGOs, institutions and agencies sharing our aims and objectives. We engage policy-makers, government, bilateral and multilateral agencies and officials to advocate on issues important to marginalized sectors in the country and abroad. We do all of this in close partnership with people’s organizations.


IBON promotes nationalist and progressive ideas…

Through research from the perspective of the people

We research on socioeconomic issues of immediate and strategic concern to poor and marginalized sectors from a critical, progressive and pro-people perspective.

Through our flagship publication

We promote our research through our flagship publication Facts & Figures which is written in a popular style.

Through popular materials, mass media and social media

We make our research and analysis accessible to as many people as possible with illustrated materials, infographics and audiovisual formats, by working through mass media outlets, and using social media platforms.

Through partnerships with schools

We promote transformative education through textbooks, supplementary educational materials, teacher training and conferences to grade schools, high schools and universities nationwide.

Through commercial outlets

We provide alternative reading and video materials to the general public with our bookstore and through consignments with commercial outlets nationwide.

Through networks and campaigns with stakeholders

We expand our people’s education and strengthen our campaigning by working with organized groups at local, national and international levels.

IBON influences policy and practice…

Through policy recommendations

We give expert analysis from the point of view of the marginalized sectors and make concrete policy recommendations.

IBON builds the knowledge and skills of people’s advocates…

Through education, trainings and consultancy services

We give education, trainings and consultancy services on socioeconomic advocacies and campaigning to people’s organizations domestically and abroad.

IBON advocates at the international level…

Through international programs, networks and campaigns

We set up and implement international programs in order to initiate and participate in global advocacy campaigns.