agriculture share in GDP

Latest growth figures confirm economy in decline under Marcos Jr

August 10, 2023

The economic managers have lost their last indicator for claiming good economic performance and the economy is clearly losing momentum.

Agriculture weakened despite capital inflows in sector

March 23, 2023

Charter change advocates in Congress claim changing the constitution to favor foreign direct investment (FDI) will develop the economy. Yet while foreign capital poured into the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector over the years, its share in the economy has plunged.

Challenge to the next administration: Stop PH structural economic decline

February 7, 2022

The economy’s problems are much bigger than presidential candidates think.They should also be asked — what will you do to fix how agriculture and manufacturing have fallen to their lowest shares of gross domestic product (GDP) in 70 years since the 1950s? Read more in the IBON Birdtalk briefing paper.

PH agriculture crisis under Duterte

February 13, 2020

The current share of agriculture in the economy at 7.8% is the smallest in Philippine history