billionaire tax

Tax the super-rich

August 15, 2023


Growing billionaire wealth amid increasing poverty, worsening joblessness, and stagnant wages shows that it’s high time for the Marcos Jr administration to heed calls for a wealth tax on the country’s billionaires.

Tax billionaire wealth to raise revenues

October 11, 2022

Government refuses to cut oil taxes because of revenue losses. Taxing the super-rich however will help raise revenues—a wealth tax on 2,945 billionaires can contribute Php469 billion to government coffers. This is even bigger than the Php197.3-billion revenue collected from TRAIN’s oil excise tax in 2019-2020 which disproportionately burdened the poor.

Railroading 2022 national budget without ayuda confirms Duterte govt’s apathy

October 2, 2021

Important pandemic emergency aid programs implemented in 2020 were discontinued in 2021 and are also not in the proposed 2022 budget. The budget and social welfare departments should bat for this in the 2022 expenditure plan in Senate and bicameral deliberations