COVID-19 lockdown

Ayuda still needed even with shift to GCQ

May 15, 2021

Giving the Php10,000 ayuda demanded is extremely urgent. The amount merely approximates the government’s low official poverty threshold of Php10,756 and certainly does not come close to compensating the past year of collapsed incomes, anxiety and difficulty for tens of millions of Filipinos.

There is Money for Ayuda

April 29, 2021

[INFOGRAPHIC] There are trillions in possible fund sources for cash assistance, wage and production subsidies, and health response. What is lacking is a government willing to spend on the people’s most urgent needs.

After 7 weeks of lockdown: Meager cash aid puts HHs below official poverty line

May 5, 2020


97% of 11.4 million served beneficiaries are barely surviving the lockdown with cash aid that is way below the official poverty line.