Life histories of 2022 presidential candidates

March 6, 2022

Former senator Bongbong Marcos is the only presidential candidate without a university degree and lying about having one. Among the most important candidates, he is also the only one not immediately coming from public service or social advocacy work and it is unclear what he has been doing for the last six years. ADDENDUM: This […]

Philippine National Electoral Landscape in 2022

February 20, 2022

How different are the choices between candidates for national positions The Senate slates of the president-vice president tandems are all interconnected with each other — either having common candidates or connected by transitivity through second and third candidates.

Economic Platforms of 2022 Presidential Candidates

January 27, 2022

The effort candidates make to come up with platforms and promote them shows how serious they are about the country’s problems and how much they respect voters. IBON checked to see what formal economic platforms the presidential candidates have.

Challenge for the new administration: Fixing the Philippine Economy

November 24, 2021

An occasional discussion paper on various socio-economic policies