maharlika investment fund

PH starts 2024 on weak footing: Jobless growth and deindustrialization

January 12, 2024


The Marcos Jr administration knows that we all want good news because, well, who doesn’t. Unfortunately, it is taking advantage of this to manage citizens’ perception of the economy.

The delusional Maharlika Investment Fund: 8.6% annual returns in 10 years?

June 7, 2023

Maharlika proponents unbelievably promise that the newbie fund will make better returns amid an uncertain world economy than more established funds did before the pandemic when global growth was stronger. Pursuing high returns will expose scarce public money to excessive risk.

Maharlika Fund: Dubious, pretentious and self-serving

December 2, 2022

Something’s wrong. We asked for a wealth tax which would have been paid by a few and could have helped the many. Instead, we’re getting a wealth fund which is paid for by the many and will enrich a few.