Philippine food security

Attacks on green producers violate right to till and undermine food security

February 4, 2022

Government inaction in the face of the attacks against farmers is consistent with its decades-long neglect of Filipino farmers and the Philippine agriculture sector.

IBON Executive Director on the Department of Agriculture’s National Food Security Summit

May 18, 2021

Food import dependency, agricultural trade deficits, hunger and rural poverty have worsened under the Duterte administration.

Its Food Security Summit will be a sham if it doesn’t start by admitting that its neoliberal policies are to blame most of all.

Further imperiling Philippine rice

October 29, 2018

The government’s accelerated move to impose rice tariffs and lift quantitative restrictions on rice imports is touted to ease inflation. It comes with a heavy price in the long-term, however, as it puts in peril the livelihood of millions of Filipino rice farmers. Amid runaway inflation triggered by its regressive tax reform program, the Duterte […]