Philippine politics

The spectacular errors of economic cha-cha proponents

February 4, 2024


It has become Cha-cha etiquette to always sugarcoat political changes with promises of a bright economic future once the charter’s economic provisions are fixed.

5 marks of a crumbling democracy

July 20, 2023

The Marcoses personify the worst aspects of Philippine politics. And Marcos Jr is levelling up these anti-democratic features in the 21st century.

Philippine National Electoral Landscape in 2022

October 29, 2021

How much choice do we really have in the 2022 elections? Some presidential candidates are better on human rights and corruption than others but no one stands out yet on economic issues. Overlapping senate slates might also be showing how transactional and pragmatic PH politics still is — and how we still don’t have that […]

Dutertegarchs in politics

July 27, 2021

[INFOGRAPHIC] Old and new oligarchs benefiting from the Duterte administration’s economic policies are not coincidentally very much involved in Philippine politics