public health

The spiteful fangs of Putol

November 17, 2023

Little did I know that my run-in with Putol would put me through the stresses of the Philippine health system.

Spend on Public Health

September 29, 2020


While PhilHealth gets the second biggest chunk of the health budget, households still shoulder over half of health expenses.

Duterte administration’s 2021 budget priorities

September 11, 2020


Amid the worst health crisis and economic decline in the country’s history, government prioritizes infrastructure, debt, and militarization over health and other social services, agriculture, and industry.

Dealing with COVID-19: Just reboot the economy?

March 30, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic and the expansive efforts to address it are new and unprecedented. But they also exposed many old problems that have always been there.

“Just follow” won’t beat COVID-19

March 16, 2020


The coronavirus threat is real and it’s critical for the government to respond quickly and decisively. But what if government’s response is muddled and, worse, ill-conceived?