Socioeconomic reforms from Duterte offer of cabinet positions to progressives?

May 17, 2016

Research group IBON said that incoming president Rodrigo Duterte’s offer of government posts to the Philippine Left creates the possibility of implementing non-neoliberal socioeconomic policies. While these will not yet be comprehensive reforms, they could still cause meaningful initial cracks in the country’s pro-elite and neoliberal economic policies. Presumptive president Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte […]

Aquino warned: Do not let PH fall into TPP pit

February 17, 2016

US intent in sealing controversial deal to open greater opportunities for its corporations Research group IBON once again urges President Aquino who is attending the summit of South East Asian leaders to quit seeking membership in the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Philippines should opt out of the workshop being offered by the US […]

Presidentiables urged to take pro-people stand vs large-scale mining

February 12, 2016

Mining liberalization has brought the world’s biggest mining companies with their local partners into the country with disastrous results Presidential candidates need to take a pro-people stance and oppose large-scale mining in the country, said research group IBON. They need to stand against the country’s mining liberalization policy, which has resulted in destruction, poverty and […]

Gov’t warned against joining controversial TPP

February 5, 2016

The TPP will undermine people’s rights and prevent national development Research group IBON said that the Philippine government should reconsider joining the contentious Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) because it will undermine people’s rights and prevent national development. Led by the United States, the TPP was signed yesterday in New Zealand by twelve countries amid protests […]