Vague, huge lump-sum funds in 2011 budget go against gov’t thrust of transparency

October 28, 2010

These huge lump-sum items should be completely justified with their purposes, programs and project specified. With the 2011 national government budget approved by the House of Representatives in its third reading, research group IBON expressed concern over the PhP245-billion in vague lump-sum funds, or some 15% of the total budget. These funds, composed of big […]

Think-tank challenges RP gov’t to denounce Seoul’s deportation of Filipino delegates

October 27, 2010

IBON research head latest Filipino denied entry to Korea Independent think-tank IBON Foundation expressed disappointment over the lack of action of the Philippine government after the Seoul government blacklisted and deported seven members of Filipino civil society groups in South Korea. Malacañang has issued a statement saying it respects the decision of the South Korean […]

Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) and the Persistence of Poverty

October 25, 2010

The development outcomes of the greatly expanded CCT program are uncertain at best. [wpdm_package id=3851 template=”link-template-nopopup”] The development outcomes of the greatly expanded CCT program are uncertain at best. But its retrogressive character is most of all defined by its defense of neoliberal macroeconomic policies. The larger ‘social protection’ budget is going to be used […]

PPP won’t address water crisis, contrary to ADB claim

October 15, 2010

Water for the People Network | The experience of countries around the world that have implemented water privatization shows that public-private partnership (PPP) has even worsened the problem. Contrary to the claim of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), allowing profit-oriented private corporations to take over the management and distribution of water resources will not address […]

Lower October power rates to be offset by looming bigger increase; EPIRA blamed

October 9, 2010

The debt of Napocor should have been settled by the proceeds from the privatization of its power generation plants and other assets. Research group IBON Foundation today warned that the Php1.10 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) drop in power rates this month is just temporary relief for consumers as bigger hikes in electricity bills loom in the […]

Aquino signing of millennium challenge account paves way for more problematic policies

September 22, 2010

The MCC is about promoting the US’s preferred version of neoliberal free market democracies– democratic in form but severely undemocratic in their outcomes Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino is set to witness the signing of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) during his US visit, but research group IBON warns that the agreement is biased against national […]

Gov’t cautioned against conditional cash transfers: Program unsustainable, adds to debt burden

September 21, 2010

While giving out cash transfers to indigent families may be an option at certain times, this should not be at the core of government poverty programs. As allocations for poverty programs continue to be deliberated in the national budget for 2011, research group IBON cautions government on the conditional cash transfers program (CCTP), saying that […]

Malampaya contractors must pay P53-B gov’t share immediately; Grossly unfair service contract with Shell, Chevron needs urgent review

September 20, 2010

The understated proceeds are said to amount to Php53 billion because contractors Shell Exploration, Chevron and PNOC have been deducting their corporate income tax from the government’s 60%-share of the gas project since Research group IBON urges the Aquino government to demand the service contractors of Malampaya Gas Project to immediately pay the Philippine government […]

Will RP gain from Aquino US visit? Trip may cause more harm than good, says group

September 20, 2010

With renewed commitments from both countries to negotiate a bilateral free trade deal, the MCA funding could be used to compel the Philippines to agree to a one-sided agreement. Research group IBON today warned that the much-hyped US visit of Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino may result in more harm than good, as the group expressed […]