IBON Survey – 7 out of 10 Filipinos see themselves as poor

October 27, 2016

by IBON Foundation

70.8% of respondents said they are poor

According to research group IBON’s latest survey, the majority of Filipinos consider themselves poor.

Asked what they can say about the situation of their families today, seven out of ten or 70.8% of respondents said they are poor.  Only 25% said they are not poor, while the rest said they don’t know or had no answer.

The latest IBON Opinion Survey was conducted from September 1-12, 2016 among 1,505 respondents in 17 regions. This round employed field interviews and a multi-stage probability sampling scheme with a plus or minus 3% margin of error.


When you look at your family today, what can you say about your situation?
Poor 1,065 70.8%
Not poor 376 25.0%
Don’t know 52 3.5%
No answer 12 0.8%
Total 1,505 100.0%