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Less than 1/3 of 18M beneficiaries reached: Gov’t should expedite socioecon response under extended lockdown

April 8, 2020


Nearly four weeks into the government’s military lockdown and especially with the two-week extension, emergency relief measures are still too slow and too small.

Non-delivery of emergency cash transfers shows gov’t indifference, causing unrest

April 2, 2020


Government chose not to immediately dispense cash transfers and instead even used the promise of Php200 billion in emergency subsidies to 18 million low income families to justify its sweeping emergency powers

Duterte report shows govt COVID-19 response is insufficient, insensitive

April 1, 2020


The Duterte administration’s first official report on COVID-19 efforts failed to show clearly what the government’s plan is and even just what is being done.

Social distancing in Metro Manila homes

March 30, 2020

Government data shows 3 of 10 homes in Metro Manila aren’t big enough for the prescribed social distancing to avoid COVID-19. This doesn’t yet include cases of many different families living under one roof.

COVID-19 emergency socioeconomic relief

March 25, 2020

It is urgent to provide emergency social protection for poor and low-income families with particular focus on the most vulnerable. Existing government and private sector mechanisms are proposed to be used as much as possible for the most expedient response. Read more on our position paper for COVID-19 socioeconomic relief measures.