COVID-19 crisis

There is Money for Ayuda

April 29, 2021

[INFOGRAPHIC] There are trillions in possible fund sources for cash assistance, wage and production subsidies, and health response. What is lacking is a government willing to spend on the people’s most urgent needs.

ASEAN COVID-19 statistics and response measures

April 16, 2021

Despite government claims of excellently addressing the pandemic, data shows the Philippines having the most number of active cases among ASEAN countries, and being behind in financing COVID response.

No government stimulus

January 7, 2021

Capitalism Upon COVID-19

December 25, 2020

Analysis | The planet’s richest 30 billionaires now own more than the poorest four billion people or over half of the world’s population combined. The world economy is ending 2020 on a bleak note for billions of the working people everywhere.

Budget for infrastructure towers over health, social protection, MSME support–IBON

September 16, 2020


Health and social protection even in terms of infrastructure should be prioritized but these are dwarfed by programs such as roadworks and grandiose transport projects that are not as urgent.