debt borrowing

National Government Gross Borrowings

October 14, 2020


Using COVID-19 as an excuse, the Duterte administration is on the biggest borrowing spree in the country’s history. It is set to borrow in its six years nearly as much as the five administrations before it did over 31 years. Its gross borrowings are set to reach Php3 trillion in 2020 aside from another Php3 trillion in 2021.

Duterte govt: Just Can’t Debt Enough

October 4, 2020


The debt crisis is already upon us – just not the kind that the economic managers and creditors are worried about where debt payments to lenders are interrupted.

Duterte’s Pandemic Borrowing

June 30, 2020

The Duterte administration’s foreign borrowing has continued to rise during the pandemic. How much is really to respond to COVID-19, and how much for debt-driven growth and the illusion of development?