family living wage

The family living wage (as of October 2022)

November 9, 2022

The urgency for a substantial wage increase, ample cash assistance for the poor and subsidies for vulnerable sectors become all the more glaring as the cost of living rises with soaring inflation.

The family living wage (as of September 2022)

October 14, 2022

The recent oil price hike contributes to the soaring prices of basic goods and services. Filipino workers are having a hard time keeping up even with a minimum wage hike in June. In the National Capital Region, the minimum wage is barely half (51%) of the Php1,119 estimated family living wage needed by a family […]

The Family Living Wage as of August 2022

September 13, 2022

Filipino workers are still having a hard time keeping up with the rising costs of goods and services despite an increase in the minimum wage. For instance, the National Capital Region minimum wage is barely half (51%) of the Php1,117 estimated family living wage (FLW) needed by a family of five to live decently as of August 2022.

NCR minimum wage barely half of family living wage

May 18, 2022

NCR minimum wage increased but still falls short of living wage

Oil price rollback not enough for Filipinos to recover income losses

March 23, 2022


The Duterte administration’s belated move to raise cash aid to Php500 per month does little to help millions of poor and vulnerable Filipino households recover lost incomes and cope with rising prices.

The Family Living Wage

March 4, 2022

Workers’ wages keep falling amid inflation and unchanging minimum wage. NCR minimum wage is now just half of the family living wage.

The Family Living Wage (as of July 2021)

August 13, 2021

How much does a family need to live decently? With ayuda still slow in coming and too little at that, millions of Filipino families aren’t going to be able to meet their basic needs.

Measly ECQ aid an afterthought — IBON

March 31, 2021

Poor and low-income families in NCR+ deserve not just Php1,000 but at least Php10,000 in emergency cash subsidies to be distributed immediately, or ten times more than being offered after a year of lockdowns.

Wage hike necessary, overdue amid pandemic and high prices

January 23, 2021

A substantial wage hike remains just and necessary even amid the pandemic economic shock. It is incumbent on the government to come up with schemes to enable a wage hike that increases incomes of low-income households and which will also stimulate aggregate demand in the economy. This can include mandating higher wages while giving wage subsidies to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)