high prices

5 economic distortions to watch out for in Marcos Jr’s 3rd SONA

July 22, 2024

Some bold distortions about the economy and the situation of the people, not the truth, can be expected at the third Marcos Jr SONA.

Poor families grappling with high food costs despite lower inflation – IBON

July 5, 2024

Despite lower June inflation, Filipino families are not earning enough to keep up with the high prices.

Rice inflation highest in 15 years, shows gov’t failing to manage inflation — IBON

March 5, 2024

The uptick in February headline inflation, pushed by the rapid increase in rice prices, shows that the Marcos administration’s so-called measures to tame inflation are not working.

Drop in wholesale retail trade work in Dec shows Filipinos can’t afford to spend – IBON

February 7, 2024

Job losses in the wholesale and retail trade sector may be a result of weaker demand which is concerning since the month of December is usually marked by more spending due to the holidays.