8 out of 10 Filipinos unsatisfied with RP situation as Arroyo term ends

February 27, 2010

by superadmin

78.4% answered that the general situation of the country today is unsatisfactory | Reference: Rosario Guzman, IBON Executive Editor

As the Arroyo administration nears the end of its term, majority of Filipinos said they are not satisfied with the country’s situation, results of the IBON nationwide survey show.

Of the 1,495 respondents, 78.4% answered that the general situation of the country today is unsatisfactory, while 7% said it was satisfactory. The 9-year Arroyo administration will end after the 2010 presidential elections in May.

The respondents were also asked what they thought of their families’ situation today. 68.6% rated their families as poor, while 25% said otherwise.

The January 2010 IBON survey was conducted nationwide from January 9 to 17 find out the people’s perception of the economy, their livelihood and income, government performance, and other pressing issues. The latest survey has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent. (end)

Below is the tabulation of results on the respondents’ perception of the country’s general situation, and poverty.

Towards the end of PGMA’s term as President, what can you say about the country’s general situation?


January 2010
Satisfactory 6.69 %
Unsatisfactory 78.39 %
Don’t know 12.91 %
No Answer 2.01 %
Total 100.00 %


When you look at your family’s situation today, do you think of your family as poor?


January 2010
Yes 68.63 %
No 24.95 %
Don’t know 6.02 %
No Answer 0.40 %
Total 100%