#BeyondElections2016: Eleksyon, Libro, Lapis at KAPE

April 14, 2016

by IBON Foundation

Tagged ELEKSYON, LIBRO, LAPIS at KAPE, the IBON Bookshop reopens with a sale today, 1pm at #114 Timog Ave with the #‎BeyondElections2016‬ theme.

IBON features its publications including its flagship Facts & Figures, Birdtalk, Kontra Gahum, Stop the Killings, Permanent People’s Tribunal documents, Kabuhayan Karapatan at Katarungan, Serve the People and other socio-economics and cultural rights materials, as well its textbook, teachers’ manuals and journals.

With the #BeyondElections2016 theme, IBON invites everyone to keep pro-people economics in mind when they vote, and more importantly to think beyond the upcoming elections and read on exclusionary economics and governance, State fascism, transformative education and pro-people economics as Philippine society has been plagued with neoliberal policie`s for some decades now.