Change Underway? IBON Yearend 2016 Birdtalk

March 2, 2017

by IBON Foundation

Download “Change Underway” IBON Yearend 2016 Birdtalk briefing paper here

“Filipinos have long organized and struggled for meaningful wage hikes, ending contractualization, land, free or at least affordable social services, national industrialization, and many other urgent demands. These are all part of the aspiration for a truly independent, democratic and prosperous Philippines. The people can support any administration reforms that are in their interest. Or, absent such reforms, the people can push a progressive reform agenda while continuing to oppose any anti-people measures. In the end, the progressive forces for change and their struggles remain the strongest foundations for democracy and development in the country – continued struggle including seizing  opportunities as they arise only makes these stronger.”

— Dimming Prospects/ IBON Yearend 2016 Birdtalk