Green producerism advocacy

October 11, 2016

by IBON Foundation

The advocacy for green producerism is a complement to the growing and active green consumerism in developed countries. The idea is to contribute in raising public awareness on the benefits of organic farming in order to add pressure on the State to pursue sustainable agriculture.

It is more appropriate in the Philippine context than consumer campaigns as it is grounded in the concrete conditions of the largest section of consumers in the country, the producers themselves. It is also what is needed in the face of an unresponsive government that prioritizes corporate and landlord interests. Its viability to be a sustained campaign rests on the strengths that have been presented in this study.

The Filipino organic farmers possess the science to practice sustainable agriculture. Apart from all the economic, food security, environmental, health and social benefits that they have achieved from organic farming, the farmers have gained knowledge and confidence to defend their practice and way of living. They have the capacity to develop the technology further, invent, innovate and hand down their knowledge-based systems to the rest of the community and the next generation. (Green Works: The viability of organic farming in the Philippines, IBON, 2014) 

Organic products and photos on exhibit; petition-signing to support organic farming and food for all
October 22, 2016 9am-7pm
Department of Agrarian Reform Gymnasium