How is the Philippines dealing with the pandemic compared to other South East Asian nations?

June 10, 2021

by IBON Foundation

The Duterte administration claims to excellently address the COVID-19 pandemic, going so far as to compare its response with developed countries. Yet as economies gear towards recovery, it has become clear that the Philippine government’s militaristic and non-scientific pandemic measures have resulted in worse health and economic conditions for most Filipinos.

The Philippines has among the most stringent responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, at 71.8 points, 100 being the strictest in terms of limiting mobility and gatherings such as in schools, workplaces, public and recreational venues, and travel.such as school and workplace closures, prohibiting social gatherings, and travel.

PH vaccination rollout is one of the latest to commence.

PH vaccination rollout is among the slowest to progress.

At 5.2% of gross domestic product, Philippine health and income support is measly compared to the enormity of the public health crisis.

The Philippines appears well-performing compared to other countries in terms of testing, but being able to test less than 50,000 per day falls short of the hundreds of thousands of tests needed to be done given a seven-day rolling average of several thousands of cases.

The Philippines has among the highest inflation rates.

The Philippines has among the slowest economic growth in the region.

The indicator with which the Philippines bests other countries: lack of jobs.

The Philippines has among the most number of cases and deaths in South East Asia.