IBON Facts & Figures: “Privatization and the Water Crisis” [Excerpt]

April 20, 2019

by IBON Foundation

The water crisis is far from over. Water interruptions as well as safe water accessibility and affordability issues persist. Water-related infrastructure are also being built on loans and under potentially onerous deals with other countries that subvert Philippine sovereignty. The matter has been undermining Filipino consumers and the nation’s interests. Here is the conclusion of the April 2009 IBON Facts & Figures issue titled “Privatization and the Water Crisis”:

“Water is too important a resource for private corporations with narrow interests to take control of. It is part of national patrimony and must never be wantonly exploited for private gains. Access to and use of water must at all times be guaranteed by the state with due bias for the poor, especially during times of limited water supply. People cannot afford to wait for another major bout with El Nino before they begin a major reversal of the flawed and anti-people neoliberal water privatization.”