Most Filipinos rate themselves poor

March 11, 2015

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Reference: Rosario Bella Guzman (IBON executive editor) | Families have trouble paying for food, electricity, healthcare

The latest IBON survey shows that majority of Filipinos see themselves as poor. The survey results also show that many Filipinos had difficulty with their basic expenses in the past three months.

According to the survey results, 7 out of 10 Filipinos rated themselves as poor. Asked what they can say about their situation today, 65% of the 1,501 respondents said that they see their families as poor, while 30% said otherwise. Majority of the respondents also believe that their livelihood has not improved compared to a year ago, with 59% who said their livelihood remains the same and 21% who answered that their livelihood became worse.

Asked how their family met household expenses in the past three months, 59% said they had difficulty in paying for electricity while only 29% said they did not have difficulty. Of the 1,501 respondents, 53.6% said that they had difficulty in buying enough food. As for buying medicines or paying for medical treatment, 50.8% said that they had difficulty.

Many Filipinos also said that they had difficulty in paying for their children’s schooling (38.6%), for transportation (41%), and for water (38.9%).

The recent IBON nationwide survey was conducted from January 19 to 30 across various sectors in 16 regions. The survey, which used multi-stage probability sampling, has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent. (end)

Below is the tabulation of results of respondents’ difficulty in meeting basic expenses


In the past three (3) months, how did your family meet the following expenses?

January 2015
Buying enough food 53.6
Paying for electricity 59.9
Paying for transportation 41.0
Buying medicines/paying for medical treatment 50.8
Paying for water service 38.9
Paying for children’s schooling 38.6

When you look at your family today, what can you say about your situation?


Poor 64.6
Not poor 30.2
Don’t know 3.7
No answer 1.5
Total 100.0


How is your livelihood today compared to a year ago?


Better 17.3
Same 59.0
Worse 21.0
Don’t know 2.5
No answer 0.2
Total 100.0



For details on the January 2015 survey, please email or call IBON at tel. 9276986 or 9277060 loc. 421.