Implement land reform and develop the rural economy!

January 30, 2017

by IBON Foundation

The call for land reform is among the twelve points illustrated in IBON’s 2017 “Promoting pro-people economics” planner drawn from the People’s Agenda for Change. The comprehensive agenda for social, economic and political reforms fleshes out a program for nationalist and progressive change based on the Filipino people’s daily and historical plight. Hundreds of people’s organizations and their allies crafted this through nationwide regional and sectoral consultations. The concrete short- and long-term proposals cover five areas: Economic Agenda; Progressive and Pro-people Social Policy; National Sovereignty and Foreign Policy; Peace and Human Rights; and Governance and Fighting Corruption.

From IBON's 2017 "Promoting pro-people economics" Planner. Artwork by Manix Abrera
From IBON’s 2017 “Promoting pro-people economics” Planner. Artwork by Manix Abrera