Private sector-led housing program undermines meager housing budget (IBON Facts & Figures excerpt)

March 17, 2017

by IBON Foundation

“The problematic private sector-led housing program of government further undermines the meager housing budget. So-called low-cost socialized housing, for instance, now has a price ceiling of Php450,000, which was increased from its previous Php400,000 to encourage private developers to participate in the production of socialized housing units as well as reflect higher construction costs. Many informal settler families (ISFs), who are supposed beneficiaries of mass housing, could not afford the amortization of Php300 to Php500 a month, which in some cases even reach Php1,000…

“Supposed beneficiaries are questioning the program in light of the DAP controversy and Malacanang’s claim that it is benefitting the poor. Some of the relocation sites, for example, are reportedly prone to flooding (such as Kasiglahan Village in Rizal which was flooded during the heavy monsoon rains on 2012 and 2013) and thus defeats the purpose of resettling ISFs away from danger areas.” — 2015 National Budget: For patronage, corruption and big business? IBON Facts & Figures Special Release, 15 & 31 August 2014