mass transport crisis

IBON: Forced franchise consolidation will distress thousands of drivers and strand millions of commuters

December 13, 2023

Marcos Jr administration’s refusal to extend the franchise consolidation deadline reveals how callous it is to ordinary Filipinos – the livelihoods of tens of thousands of public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers and operators will be disrupted and millions of people will have an even harder time commuting.

Laban ng tsuper, komyuter at bayan sa huling buwan ng taon

December 12, 2023

Kahit sabihing layunin ng PUV Modernization Program na paunlarin ang sistema ng pampublikong transportasyon sa Pilipinas, tila hindi nagtutugma ang mga ‘solusyon’ ng gobyerno na nakasaad dito, bagkus ay nagdadala ito ng marami pang problema at maaring maging sanhi ng mas matindi pang krisis sa bansa.

Transport Series No. 1: Metro Manila’s Transport Chaos

November 21, 2023

IBON’s Transport Series aims to describe the problems in the sector and come up with viable and sustainable solutions. This part of the series describes the mess, including government’s official transport policies.

Part 2: The anomaly of transport modernization

June 27, 2020


The Duterte government can address the transport crisis in the time of COVID-19 and in fact can look at the pandemic as an opportunity to overhaul the system. The health protocols may be followed indeed if only the government recognizes and addresses the transport crisis in a scientific manner.

The anomaly of transport modernization

June 26, 2020


If there is anything that COVID-19 has emphasized, it is the fact that the Philippine transport sector is in its worst crisis – a reality that the Duterte administration had repeatedly denied before the pandemic. If the economy has to transition to a genuinely better shape, the government has to address the basic woes of the transport sector. Vice versa, if the mass transport system has to be more efficient, the economy has to be transitioned to a genuinely better one.


November 4, 2019

Solving the NCR mass transport crisis

October 28, 2019


The mass transport crisis is real. And yes, the mass transport crisis can be solved.