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Oil taxes continue to burden Filipinos (October 10, 2023)

October 10, 2023

The recent rollbacks are not likely to be sustained with the oil price hikes expected to persist until the end of the year. Now is the time for government to make more decisive and effective steps to minimize fuel costs, by removing excise and value-added taxes on oil products.

Rollbacks negligible; fuel tax removal more meaningful — IBON

October 10, 2023


Recent oil price rollbacks barely offset the several weeks of hikes since early July. Instead of sitting idly by, the Marcos government should get rid of fuel taxes so that oil prices are lower and to curb the domino effect on the already high prices of other goods and services.

Govt’s fuel subsidies just bare minimum — IBON

September 13, 2023

The Php4 billion in fuel subsidies that the Marcos Jr administration is set to disburse is not enough relief for Filipinos, especially the poor, who have been burdened by rising oil prices for the past 10 weeks.

Oil taxes continue to burden Filipinos

August 18, 2023

Oil taxes have burdened Filipinos whose purchasing power continues to diminish because of uncontrolled inflation and meager wages. When removed, Filipinos could be paying much cheaper for oil.

Cutting oil taxes will help control inflation

October 11, 2022

Oil product prices will be lower without oil excise taxes and the 12% VAT. The latest oil price hikes increase the price of gas to as high as Php79.52/liter and of diesel to as high as Php85.79. The oil excise tax and VAT amounts to Php19.54 and Php16.29 for gas and diesel, respectively.

Govt will needed to enforce oil price unbundling – IBON

June 29, 2019

Research group IBON said that the Department of Energy (DOE) circular ordering oil companies to unbundle prices is a welcome and overdue measure for greater transparency to help prevent overpricing of oil products. However, the government must have the political will to implement this and the involvement of the public and consumer groups must be […]

Fuel prices would be even lower if not for TRAIN

December 13, 2018

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Despite rollbacks, TRAIN makes fuel more expensive–IBON

December 4, 2018

Research group IBON said that even with recent oil price rollbacks, the Duterte administration’s Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law (TRAIN) increases fuel prices with an inflationary effect burdening the poor more than the rich. IBON pointed out that rollbacks have always been proven to be temporary and stressed that TRAIN’s taxes make fuel […]