regional minimum wage

Minimum wage vs family living wage per region as of November 2022

December 6, 2022

The November 8% inflation pushes the family living wage higher up in all of the country’s regions while minimum wages remain insufficient – even the highest at Php570 in the NCR. Addressing this and the rampancy of low-paying informal jobs should be a top concern as legislative sessions draw to a close.

Minimum wage vs family living wage per region

November 29, 2022

NCR has the highest minimum wage in the country – but is still just 50.3% of the family living wage. The gap is even larger on the rest of the country. The worst is on BARMM where the minimum wage is only 17.9% of the family living wage there.

Wage hike possible with transparency, gov’t support

April 9, 2022

If employers are transparent about their revenues and net incomes this will likely show that large corporations and even many medium enterprises can hike wages with only a small cut on their profits. Government can meanwhile provide wage subsidies and other forms of support to MSMEs who cannot yet afford this.