Bp. Solito Toquero, 81

December 3, 2023

Bishop Sol’s modest and gentle manner belied the staunchness of his beliefs and how he firmly guided IBON’s work.

Modernisasyon para kanino?

November 22, 2023

Nasa pangatlong araw na ang malawakang welga ng mga drayber at opereytor ng dyip para tutulan ang programa ng pamahalaan na modernisasyon ng transportasyon at jeepney phaseout. Sa kabila ng kawastuhan at saklaw ng welga, ang patuloy na naratibo ng Department of Transportation: Makasarili ang mga nagwewelga sa pagpigil ng modernisasyon samantalang ikauunlad naman ito ng sektor, ng mga kapwa nila drayber at opereytor, at ng mga pasahero.

Water for the people: Groups buck worsening water privatization

November 18, 2023

Various water stakeholders gathering in a conference to study water privatization instead called for strengthening people’s control over resources as basic as water.

The spiteful fangs of Putol

November 17, 2023

Little did I know that my run-in with Putol would put me through the stresses of the Philippine health system.

IBON Foundation statement for meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Context of Climate Change, Mr. Ian Fry

November 7, 2023

There is an underlying resistance by the Marcos Jr administration to the fundamental changes in strategy and approach required to genuinely address the triple crisis faced by the Filipino people – environmental distress, chronic poverty and inequality, and economic underdevelopment.

Understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict: rationale for solidarity

October 14, 2023

As information circulates in media and social media on the Israel-Palestine conflict, factual analysis must prevail; and why must we, as freedom and peace-loving Filipinos, support the Palestinian cause.

Rollbacks negligible; fuel tax removal more meaningful — IBON

October 10, 2023


Recent oil price rollbacks barely offset the several weeks of hikes since early July. Instead of sitting idly by, the Marcos government should get rid of fuel taxes so that oil prices are lower and to curb the domino effect on the already high prices of other goods and services.

More part-timers, unpaid family workers underscores admin’s inability to create quality jobs – IBON

October 6, 2023

The millions-surge in informal work indicates that working Filipinos are going on survival mode as the living crisis intensifies. The Marcos Jr administration’s inability to improve the economy’s capacity to generate meaningful jobs is clearly a failure of policy and government’s economic management.

Faster September inflation sign that gov’t is failing in arresting high prices — IBON

October 5, 2023


The 6.1% inflation shows the Marcos Jr administration’s failure to effectively address soaring prices and help poor and vulnerable Filipinos cope.