Press Statements

Wage hikes need not cause higher prices — IBON

July 20, 2018

Research group IBON said that substantially raising the minimum wage of Filipino workers need not lead to price hikes, contrary to the recent claims of National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Secretary Ernesto Pernia. IBON said that wage hikes should be taken from profits instead of being considered a cost of production passed on to […]

Govt’s TRAIN to blame for highest inflation in nearly 10 years — IBON

July 5, 2018

Research group IBON said that the government’s insistence on higher taxes especially on the poor is among the factors driving inflation rates to their highest in nearly a decade. The group said that runaway inflation is due to the peso depreciation and rising global oil prices combined with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion […]

On peace talks interruption:  Negotiated econ reforms risk being lost–IBON

July 21, 2017

#PeoplesSONA2017 / Research group IBON said that the interruption of peace talks between the government and the NDFP also interrupts important discussions on economic reforms. The group said this in the aftermath of the announcement of Jesus Dureza, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, that the back-channel talks with the National Democratic Front of the […]

IBON joins groups in industrialization call

September 18, 2016

Research group IBON said that national industrialization is the way to go in order for the Filipino majority to prosper. It should be made the government’s primary economic strategy, the group said. IBON co-sponsored last Wednesday a forum titled “The Change We Need” with top earner Steel Asia, science and technology network AGHAM, AGHAM Youth and […]

Various Rice Industry Multistakeholders Reject NFA Privatization

September 17, 2010

Bantay Bigas | Press Release | The gathering was attended by more than 130 participants composed of rice millers, small rice traders and retailers, farmers, consumers, farmers’ cooperatives, irrigators associations, farmers, and… | Reference: Lita Mariano, Spokesperson | Mobile: 09302016879 A rare gathering of rice industry stakeholders was held at the Century Conference hall of […]

2011 proposed budget an austerity to repay debt

August 28, 2010

Most of this increase is accounted for by the large PhP80.9 billion increase in interest payments on debt to PhP357.1 billion Research group IBON calls the proposed 2011 National Government (NG) budget submitted to Congress an austerity budget to be able to keep repaying debt, adding that the proposed budget is not consistent with long-term […]

Adopt pro-people measures to generate revenue, Aquino urged

July 16, 2010

IBON urges government to place the burden of adjusting to the fiscal crisis on those that have the greater capacity to pay The urgent challenge for the new Aquino administration is to increase revenues, but research group IBON urges government to place the burden of adjusting to the fiscal crisis on those that have the […]

Severe rich-poor income gap a cause for concern for Aquino gov’t

July 15, 2010

The income gap in the latest 2006 government data shows that the share of the top 10% families in the income pie was even higher at 36% than the 35% share of the bottom 70% families. One of the pressing issues that the Aquino administration faces is the widening rich-poor gap in the country, said […]

Grassroots remain marginalized in policymaking with absence of Freedom of Information Law

June 9, 2010

IBON FEATURES | Upholding the people’s right to information is both urgent and necessary especially under a worsening climate of impunity, human rights violations and massive corruption. Marginalized sectors who have been continuously denied of their right to participate in policymaking are the biggest sufferers in the failure of Congress to pass the freedom of […]