IBON update on CHR, barangay officials’ inspection of premises

November 10, 2019

by IBON Foundation

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR), through its Investigation Department led by Mr. Ronnie Rosero, and Barangay Sacred Heart officials, inspected last Friday the offices of IBON Foundation, IBON International and AlterMidya. The entire inspection was also covered by members of the media. The CHR and Barangay officials afterwards confirmed the legitimacy of the offices and organizations and the absence of anything illegal, irregular or prohibited.

The organizations requested the inspection to show their transparency and having nothing to hide. The request was made in the wake of a wave of police and military raids in Manila and Negros, where dozens of activists were arrested on the basis of evidence planted by the raiding teams. In particular, IBON received information on November 7 of possible such harassment by state security forces.

IBON is among scores of human rights and development organizations being maliciously red-tagged by the Duterte government to justify being attacked and silenced. Military and police officials accuse IBON of supporting terrorism, publishing materials to recruit rebels, and being a so-called Communist front organization, among other allegations.

Despite repeated requests from IBON, the government has not provided any of their supposed evidence while spreading these malicious accusations among media, the institution’s development partners abroad, within government, and in schools and universities.

The inspection also intended to show the public exactly what IBON does and is known for – research, education and advocacy. ###