Many Filipinos had trouble spending on food and services in past three months–IBON Survey

October 18, 2016

by IBON Foundation

Research group IBON’s most recent survey shows many respondents saying that they had difficulty in buying food and paying for their children’s schooling and health expenses.

Asked how their family met food, schooling and health expenses in the past three months, majority answered that they had difficulty in buying food while more respondents had difficulty meeting schooling and medicine and health treatment expenses than those who did not.

In buying enough food, 53.3% said they had difficulty, while 44.1% said they did not. In buying medicines or paying for medical treatment, 48.4% said that they had difficulty while only 22.7% said that they did not. In meeting their children’s schooling expenses, 40.5% said they had difficulty while only 19.5% said they did not.

IBON’s September 2016 Opinion Survey was conducted among 1,505 respondents in 17 regions from September 1-12, 2016. This round employed field interviews and a multi-stage probability sampling scheme with a plus or minus 3% margin of error.


In the past three (3) months, how did your family meet the following expenses?

Buying enough food
Had difficulty 53.3%
Didn’t have difficulty 44.1%
Don’t know 1.1%
Not applicable 1.3%
No answer 0.2%
Total 100%


Paying for child/ children’s schooling
Had difficulty 40.5%
Didn’t have difficulty 19.5%
Don’t know 1.2%
Not applicable 38.1%
No answer 0.7%
Total 100%


Buying medicines for medical treatment
Had difficulty 48.4%
Didn’t have difficulty 22.7%
Don’t know 2.7%
Not applicable 25.6%
No answer 0.6%
Total 100%