marcos jr administration

Food insecurity in Southeast Asia

October 16, 2023

There are 50.9 million combined moderately and severely food insecure Filipinos making the Philippines the most food insecure country in Southeast Asia.

Understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict: rationale for solidarity

October 14, 2023

As information circulates in media and social media on the Israel-Palestine conflict, factual analysis must prevail; and why must we, as freedom and peace-loving Filipinos, support the Palestinian cause.

More part-timers, unpaid family workers underscores admin’s inability to create quality jobs – IBON

October 6, 2023

The millions-surge in informal work indicates that working Filipinos are going on survival mode as the living crisis intensifies. The Marcos Jr administration’s inability to improve the economy’s capacity to generate meaningful jobs is clearly a failure of policy and government’s economic management.

Faster September inflation sign that gov’t is failing in arresting high prices — IBON

October 5, 2023


The 6.1% inflation shows the Marcos Jr administration’s failure to effectively address soaring prices and help poor and vulnerable Filipinos cope.

2024 Budget Cuts and Increases From 2023

October 3, 2023

Debt servicing, infrastructure and defense are getting big increases in the 2024 budget. But much-needed service-oriented areas such as education, social work, labor and health are either given negligible increases or defunded.

Quarter-life crisis musings

September 12, 2023

Transitioning to the next life phase is indeed made more difficult by our already difficult social situation. But here I realize that at quarter life is a tremendous chance for growth.