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DOF urged: Name PH delegation to crucial Busan Aid Forum

October 6, 2011

AidWatch Philippines | The forum, to be held in Busan, South Korea in November, is considered crucial because it will supposedly define the new direction of aid and development cooperation. As the global community prepares for the much-anticipated High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4), Philippine civil society groups urge the government to name the […]

Water rate hike hit; group says increase unjustified, insensitive

January 17, 2011

The new rates mean that households using at least 30 cu. m will see their monthly water bill increase by at least P57.60 to P69 starting in February. The Water for the People Network (WPN) condemns the rate hikes implemented by private water concessionaires in Metro Manila, calling the increases unjustified and insensitive to the […]

Teachers group calls on incoming gov’t to address education woes

June 8, 2010

Education for Development | The Arroyo administration has given lowest priority to education in the national budget since the term of Pres. Corazon Aquino Teachers group Educators for Development (EfD) calls on the incoming administration to give more priority to education as the 2010-2011 school year starts this month with the education sector in decline […]

Stop Angat Dam privatization: Presidentiables dared to prove independence from big business interests

April 28, 2010

Water for the People Network | Among the interested buyers of the Angat HEPP are some of the most politically influential business groups in the country and perceived backers of some presidentiables Advocacy group Water for the People Network (WPN) today challenged presidential candidates to prove that they are not beholden to big business interests […]

Regulate water use by golf courses, malls, hotels, etc. amid tight water supply in Metro

April 8, 2010

Water for the People Network Philippines | Ensure water for the people, advocacy group urges. Private water utilities operating in Metro Manila as well as government regulators must come out with a detailed plan on how they will ensure that ordinary households will not be further marginalized by well-off customers and commercial establishments in terms […]

PSALM told to stop bidding: Public water sector, not private power, should manage Angat dam, group says

March 23, 2010

Water for the People Network | Press Release | Water supply for irrigation and domestic use has been declining in recent months due to the El Niño phenomenon and has been particularly harsh on the vulnerable sectors Advocacy group Water for the People Network (WPN) today said that the water sector, instead of private power […]

World Water Day: Government urged to abandon plan to privatize Angat Dam

March 22, 2010

Water for the People Network | Privatization threatens access to water of 28,000 farmers, 14 million consumers As the country marks World Water Day today, we call on government to abandon its plan to privatize water facilities like the Angat Dam amid longstanding issues of lack of people’s access to water. It is alarming that […]